Need Personal Property Insurance?

Personal property insurance provides coverage for damage to the (non-commercial) structures you own, and liability resulting from your ownership of those structures and/or the land.

There are many different types of personal property insurance policies available. Scroll down to review the types of insurance we can help you with.

Ask us about Adding:

  • Service Line Endorsement;
  • Ground Water & Sewer Backup Protection;
  • First Claim Forgiveness;
  • Personal Umbrella Liability;
  • Enhance Jewellery Coverages;
  • Disappearing Deductibles;
  • Scheduled Fine Arts;

Homeowners' insurance:

Is for owner-occupied principal residence buildings.  These package policies typically include coverage for the residence building, including its contents (furnishings, personal property), and extensions (as set out in the policy) for additional buildings/structures on the property, as well as personal liability insurance coverage.  Click here to request a quote...


Condominium  insurance:

Is for condominium unit owners.  Although the condominium corporation has a “master policy” which covers the building(s), and furniture/fixtures in common areas, it does not insure the individual unit owner’s possessions, including certain fixtures/finishings within the units.  A condominium unit owner’s policy provides this missing property coverage (as set out in the policy), as well as personal liability coverage.
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Tenant insurance:

Is for people who do not own their residence.  Even if the property owner (landlord) insures the building you live in, their insurance policy does not provide protection for you or your possessions.  A tenants' package policy provides coverage (as set out in the policy) for loss or damage to your possessions, and personal liability.  Click here to request a quote...


Seasonal/Secondary Residence insurance:

Is for residential properties which are occupied by the owner on a seasonal (ie. a cottage) or secondary (one of two residences the owner splits their time between) basis.  These policies can provide coverage similar in scope to a home owners’ or condominium unit owners’ policy, or be more restricted rather like the coverage provided for rental properties, depending on the circumstances. Click here to request a quote...


Rental property insurance:

Is for residential properties which are not occupied by the owner, but rather are rented to someone else.  These policies can provide coverage for the building(s), certain contents (ie. appliances), and liability for the owner.  These policies also apply to condominium unit owners’ who rent out their unit. Click here to request a quote...


Short Term Rental Property:

If you choose to rent out your property on Airbnb or a similar platform on a short term basis, this must be disclosed to your insurer.  An endorsement or specific policy should then be set-up for this risk. We can help you with this! If you're considering getting and investment property for short term rental income, contact us to review the implications.  Click here to request a quote...


Vacant Land and Vacant Properties:

Should you own a plot of vacant land or a vacant dwelling in Ontario, you may need a specialty policy because standard markets won't typically accept these risks. These policies can be set up for short term basis such as 3, 6 or 12 months to accommodate your situation. Click here to request a quote...

Have you considered Umbrella Liability?

Nowadays, what liability limit is high enough? And how prohibitive is the cost of individually increasing the liability limit on each of your policies?  Umbrella liability can, with one policy for what is usually a lower cost, top up your liability limits by an additional one to five million dollars. Click here to contact us and discuss your personal umbrella liability options.