To transfer a vehicle on my policy, what information must I provide my broker?

You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Year/Make/Model of vehicle
  • V.I.N.#
  • The name of the person the vehicle will be registered to
  • Purchase price of vehicle including tax, but excluding any trade in amounts
  • Delivery date
  • New/Used/Demo - # of kms on delivery
  • Bill of sale will be required to be sent to our office
  • Leasing/Finance company Name & Address
  • If the vehicle has winter tires

What information must I provide my broker for an address change on my property policy?

You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • New Address
  • Closing date of new home and, if applicable, of current home and date of the move
  • Completed Data Collection Form & Underwriting Questionnaire (click to download these attachments)
  • Any new Mortgage company information
  • Real Estate Lawyer's information for closing of new home

How can I pay for my Insurance Policy?  Do I have to pay the full premium at once?

There are many ways to pay, which makes it convenient and affordable.

You can provide your banking information by sending us a void cheque and we will arrange for monthly withdrawals from your chequing account.

Alternatively, if you have a credit card that offer rewards, you may prefer to use your credit card to pay so that you may collect on these rewards faster.  You can pay on-line or at the bank by using your account information that is sent to you with your policy.

Some people prefer to pay the entire premium at once, or divide it into 2 payments or even 3 payments. You decide what payment method works best for you at the time you accept our quote and we set it up for you.

You can change your payment method or banking information if your situation changes.  Please allow a minimum of 10 days’ notice, as not to interrupt your coverage.

How do insurance brokerages get paid?

The insurance companies pay a commission when business is placed with them. The commission varies by type of policy. For example: automobile insurance policies are about 12% or less, whereas property policies can be as much as 20%. The average commission is 15%.

In addition, if a brokerage's loss ratio is below a certain threshold, the brokerage may receive a bonus.