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Specialty products include an array of options you might want to consider.  These products go beyond the basic scope of property, auto and commercial insurance.  We can offer you a variety of different types of coverages.  Read on to discover what products are available.  Call us to determine if a product is right for you.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability provides coverage for products and completed operations, but it does not cover your ability to do your job. Professional Liability (such as Error's & Omissions, and Director's & Officers' Liability Insurance) can provide you with coverage for mistakes you may make. This type of insurance can provide coverage against potential claims in the case someone feels the decisions you made cost them. Whether you're sitting on the board of directors of a small company, or the architect designing the next "world's tallest building", you need to consider professional liability.

Ask us about Error's & Omissions, and Director's & Officers' Liability Insurance.  Contact us today to determine if professional liability appropriate for you.



Related to, but not the same as insurance, are bonds.  Bonds are guarantees to protect against the actions or failures of others.

Examples of bonds include:

  • Fidelity
  • Bid
  • Material and Labour
  • Performance

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